My First MATHS Library Set of 6 Books Collection Set By Shweta Sinha Level 1- 3

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Introduce your little ones to the exciting world of numbers and problem-solving with the "My First MATHS Library Set" by Shweta Sinha. This delightful collection, comprising six captivating books across levels 1 to 3, is specially designed to nurture young minds and instil a love for mathematics from an early age.

Titles in this Set

Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths Level 1 An Introduction to Numbers and Shapes (STEAM)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths Level 1 Basic Arithmetic (STEAM)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths Level 2 Basic Geometry (STEAM)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths Level 2 An Introduction to Fractions (STEAM)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths Level 3 Telling Time (STEAM)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths Level 3 Let's Measure (STEAM)


Level 1, "An Introduction to Numbers and Shapes," lays the groundwork for mathematical understanding with a colourful exploration of basic numerical concepts and fundamental shapes. Through interactive exercises and engaging activities, young readers will develop their number sense and spatial awareness, setting the stage for further mathematical exploration.

Building upon the foundational skills introduced in Level 1, "Basic Arithmetic" in Level 1 dives into the world of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With a focus on real-world applications and hands-on problem-solving, this book helps young learners develop fluency in basic arithmetic operations while honing their critical thinking skills.

In Level 2, "Basic Geometry" takes centre stage as young mathematicians explore the properties of shapes, angles, and spatial relationships. Through hands-on activities and visual representations, readers will deepen their understanding of geometric concepts and develop the skills needed to analyse and solve geometric problems.

Continuing the journey in Level 2, "An Introduction to Fractions" introduces young learners to the concept of fractions through relatable examples and interactive exercises. From understanding equal parts to comparing fractions, this book equips children with the tools they need to navigate the world of fractions with confidence and ease.

Level 3 of the series takes a closer look at practical applications of mathematics with "Telling Time" and "Let's Measure." In "Telling Time," young readers will learn to read analog and digital clocks, understand units of time, and solve time-related problems. Meanwhile, "Let's Measure" introduces children to the concept of measurement through exploration of length, weight, volume, and more, fostering a deeper appreciation for the role of measurement in our daily lives.

With its engaging content, interactive exercises, and STEAM-inspired approach, the "Smart Brain Right Brain: Maths" series offers a stimulating and enriching learning experience for young mathematicians. Whether used in the classroom or at home, these books are sure to inspire a love of mathematics and empower young learners to unlock their full potential in the world of numbers and shapes.

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