Little Tiger Fairytale Pop-Up Books Collection 4 Books Box set

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Little Tiger SKU: LWP10401
ISBN: 9781788819831
FORMAT: Board Book
AUTHOR: Mara Alperin

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Title in the set:
Jack and the beanstalk
Little red riding hood
Goldilocks and the three bears
chicken licken

Jack and the beanstalk:

Jack and his mother are poor. So she tells him to sell the family cow, and he does-for five magic beans. Angry, Jack's mother throws the beans away, and they grow into a huge stalk. Jack climbs the stalk and discovers a terrible giant! How will Jack ever escape?

Little red riding hood:

A perfect introduction to the classic story Little Red Riding Hood. Find out why grandmother has such big teeth! Part of the Ladybird First Favourite Tales series - a perfect introduction to fairy tales for preschoolers - it contains amusing pictures and lots of funny rhythm and rhyme to delight young children. Ideal for reading aloud and sharing with 2-4 year olds.

Goldilocks and the three bears:

When Goldilocks finds an empty cottage, she can t resist sneaking in and eating the porridge. What will happen when the bears get back? A delightfully delicious retelling of a classic tale, packed with giant pop-ups and lots of flaps!

chicken licken:

When an acorn drops on Chicken Licken’s head, he thinks the sky is falling and dashes off to tell the King. But instead he finds Foxy Loxy . . . 

Is Chicken Licken about to become Chicken Lunch?          

My First Fairytales are a magical introduction to the well-loved stories that are a key part of every childhood. With fresh and fun illustrations, these simple re-tellings of classic fairy tales make a perfect read for young and old alike!


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