My First Science Library Set Of 6 Books [Level 1-3] By Shweta Sinha Natural World Around Us

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A treasure trove of knowledge, the collection of six expertly written, creatively designed books in the box promises a creative stimulation of the brain, and enhances the young learners interest in Scientific temperament to strengthen their academic foundation and brighten their future prospect.

Titles in this Set

Smart Brain Right Brain: Science Level 1 An Introduction to Life Sciences (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Science Level 1 Know Your Body (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Science Level 2 An Introduction to Physical Sciences (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Science Level 2 Exploring Our Universe (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Science Level 3 The Natural World Around Us (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Science Level 3 Exploring Our Earth (Steam)


Level 1 introduces young readers to the marvels of life sciences with "An Introduction to Life Sciences" and "Know Your Body." In these books, children will discover the intricacies of the natural world around them, from plants and animals to the human body. With engaging illustrations and interactive activities, these books ignite curiosity and inspire a deeper appreciation for the living organisms that inhabit our planet.

Level 2 delves into the mysteries of physical sciences with "An Introduction to Physical Sciences" and "Exploring Our Universe." From matter and energy to the vast expanse of outer space, these books offer a captivating introduction to the fundamental principles of physics and astronomy. Through hands-on experiments and stunning visuals, young readers will embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of the cosmos.

Level 3 invites young learners to explore the Earth and its natural wonders with "The Natural World Around Us" and "Exploring Our Earth." In these books, children will delve into topics such as geology, ecology, and environmental science, learning about the Earth's diverse ecosystems and the importance of conservation. With vivid descriptions and thought-provoking activities, these books encourage young readers to become stewards of the planet and champions for environmental sustainability.

With its engaging storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and interactive activities, the "My First Science Library Set" is the perfect introduction to the captivating world of science for young learners. Whether used in the classroom or at home, these books are sure to spark curiosity, inspire discovery, and foster a lifelong love of learning in budding scientists everywhere.

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