My First Technology Library Set Of 6 Books Level 1-3 By Shweta Sinha Tales Of Inventions

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A treasure trove of knowledge, the collection of six expertly written, creatively designed books in the box promises a creative stimulation of the brain, and enhances the young learners interest in technology to strengthen their academic foundation and brighten their future prospect.

Titles in this Set 

Smart Brain Right Brain: Technology Level 1 An Introduction to Computer Technology (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Technology Level 1 Tales of Inventions (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Technology Level 2 An Introduction to the Internet (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Technology Level 2 An Introduction to Mobile Phone Technology (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Technology Level 3 Let's Learn Coding (Steam)
Smart Brain Right Brain: Technology Level 3 Robots and Robotics (Steam)


Level 1 introduces young readers to the wonders of technology with "An Introduction to Computer Technology" and "Tales of Inventions." In these books, children will discover the inner workings of computers and the fascinating stories behind some of the world's most important inventions. With engaging narratives and colourful illustrations, these books spark curiosity and imagination, laying the foundation for further exploration.

Level 2 delves deeper into the digital realm with "An Introduction to the Internet" and "An Introduction to Mobile Phone Technology." From the World Wide Web to smartphones, these books offer a comprehensive introduction to the technologies that have revolutionized communication and connectivity. Through interactive activities and real-world examples, young readers will gain a deeper understanding of how these technologies shape our daily lives.

Level 3 invites young learners to become creators of technology with "Let's Learn Coding" and "Robots and Robotics." In these books, children will embark on a journey into the world of coding and robotics, learning how to program and build their own creations. With hands-on projects and step-by-step instructions, these books empower young readers to unleash their creativity and develop valuable STEM skills.

With its engaging storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and interactive activities, the "My First Technology Library Set" is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of technology for young learners. Whether used in the classroom or at home, these books are sure to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong passion for learning in budding technologists everywhere.

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