My Little Pony 4 books box set (board books)

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ISBN: 9781408353608

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Titles In This Set:
Applejack's Busy Day
Fluttershy and the Perfect Pet
Be Brave, Twilight Sparkle!
Get Well Soon, Rainbow Dash

Applejack's Busy Day
It's harvest time on the farm and Applejack is determined to pick the apples all by herself. But sometimes everypony needs a helping hand from her friends...

Fluttershy and the Perfect Pet
Fluttershy is friends with all the animals in Equestria - but can she find the best pet ever for Rainbow Dash? Look out for baby bunnies, tortoises and even a flamingo!

Be Brave, Twilight Sparkle!
When the pony friends visit a spooky library, Twilight Sparkle must prove her bravery and reassure her friends that nothing is as scary as it seems!

Get Well Soon, Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash loves to fly high - but what will happen when she takes a tumble? Luckily Doctor Horse is on hand to help!

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