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Little Tiger SKU: LWP4936
ISBN: 9781788813204
FORMAT: Board Book
AUTHOR: Various

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Titles In this Set:
Rhino's Great Big Itch
The Wishing Star
Ted, Bo and Diz
The Very Busy Day
Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear!
If You Meet a Dinosaur!
Baa! Moo! What Will You Do?
Its Not Always Easy to Share

Rhino's Great Big Itch:
Rhino had an itch- a great BIG terrible itch, right in his ear. "All you need is a little help!" suggests Bird.

Smudge is playing in the garden with his friends when PLOP! a raindrop falls on his nose. The door to the house is shut, so where can Smudge go to keep dry?

Meet Bumble, the little bear with BIG ideas -and a very big heart! Grandma is ill, so Bumble decides to help out.

The Wishing Star:
Little Brown Mouse and Little Silver Mouse are best friends. One night, they see a sparkling Wishing Star fall into the lake, and they hurry down the river to find it.

Ted, Bo and Diz:
It's a very sunny day, so Ted, Bo and Diz set out on an ocean adventure. Suddenly they discover an iceberg with a family of polar bears, drifting a long way from home.

The Very Busy Day:
Big Mouse is digging in the garden. "Come and help me, Little Mouse," he calls. But Little Mouse is too busy to help.

Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear!:
Alfie Bear doesn't want to go to bed. He's not sleepy at all! The fish and the owls and the wolves are all still awake...

If You Meet a Dinosaur!:
Meg Mamasaurus has laid an egg! But how can she keep it safe from. a whopping Waggosaurus, a stomping Clomposaurus and a bumbling stumbling Dozysaurus?

Baa! Moo! What Will You Do?:
A new animal called a kangaroo is arriving at Buttercup Farm and all the animals are very worried.

Its Not Always Easy to Share:
When Bunny's little cousin comes to play he pokes and pulls, jostles and jiggles, grasps and grabs...

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