My Young Readers Library: 20 awesome reading books at turquoise, purple, gold, white and lime levels

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ISBN: 9781801992718
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Bloomsbury

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Help your child become a confident reader with this brilliant box set of 20 Bloomsbury Young Readers, featuring stories by amazing authors with colourful illustrations, short chapters and child-friendly layouts designed to help your child learn new skills and get excited about reading. There are tips at the front for parents and carers who are reading with children at the front and ideas for fun activities at the back to help children get the most out of each story.

The series is ideal for both home and school, with gorgeous colour illustrations, tips for parents, and fun activity ideas.
Perfect for children aged 5-7 who are building their reading confidence
(Bloomsbury Young Readers)



1. A Tiger for Breakfast 
2. Cavegirl
3. Hello, Baby Mo!
4. The Good Little Wolf
5. The Ugly Little Swan


6. Big Bad Biteasaurus
7. Jack and the Jungle
8. Let's Play, Daddy Bear!
9. Manju's Magic Wishes
10. The Friendly Pirates


11. Alice Goes to Hollywood
12. Elvis the Squirrel
13. Eye Eye, Captain!
14. Mighty Max


15. Alfie Takes Action
16. Happy Birthday, Sausage!
17. Tiger Troubles


18. A Hundred and One Daffodils
19. Halle had a Hammer
20. I Am Not A Frog

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