New Bum Series 5 books Collection Set By Dawn McMillan (I Need a New Bum!, I've Broken My Bum!, My Bum is SO NOISY!, My Bum is on the Run! & My Bum is so Cheeky!)

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The "New Bum Series" is a collection of five hilariously titled books aimed at children, promising a mix of humour, silliness, and imaginative tales cantered around the theme of bums (bottoms). Here's a brief summary of each book in the set:

Titles in this Set:

I Need a New Bum!
I've Broken My Bum!
My Bum is SO NOISY!
My Bum is on the Run!
My Bum is so Cheeky!


  1. I Need a New Bum!: The series kicks off with a laugh-out-loud story about a character who declares the urgent need for a new bum. Packed with playful language and amusing illustrations, the book takes young readers on a whimsical journey filled with fun and cheeky humour.

  2. I've Broken My Bum!: In this installment, the comedic misadventures continue as the protagonist faces the comical challenge of having broken their bum. The book likely unfolds with a blend of imaginative scenarios and witty dialogue, keeping children entertained with its light-hearted approach.

  3. My Bum is SO NOISY!: The third book in the series introduces a new facet of the protagonist's bum – its noisy nature. Expect lively and amusing descriptions of the various sounds emanating from this particularly vocal posterior, delivering laughs and entertainment for young readers.

  4. My Bum is on the Run!: This intriguing title suggests an adventurous twist as the story unfolds. Children can anticipate a whimsical tale involving a runaway bum, featuring imaginative escapades and perhaps some valuable life lessons embedded in the playful narrative.

  5. My Bum is so Cheeky!: Concluding the series, "My Bum is so Cheeky!" likely continues the trend of humorous storytelling, possibly exploring the cheeky antics and playful behaviours of the protagonist's endearing bum. This installment is likely to maintain the delightful and amusing tone established in the preceding books.

The "New Bum Series" appears to offer a delightful and humorous reading experience for children, combining imaginative storytelling with playful illustrations to create a set of books that entertain and tickle the funny bones of young readers.

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