Paige Toon 4 Books Set Collection, The Minute I Saw You, The Sun in Her Eyes...

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Simon & Schuster SKU: LWP10028
ISBN: 9789124031039
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Paige Toon

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The Minute I Saw You:
When Hannah meets Sonny, she's irresistibly drawn to him: he's sexy and confident, but only in town on holiday. That's fine with Hannah - she doesn't do long-term relationships. And luckily for her, neither does Sonny. But before they can even so much as kiss, Sonny receives some shocking news and commits to making serious life changes - ones that can't and won't include romance.

If You Could Go Anywhere:
Angie has always wanted to travel. But at twenty-seven, she has barely stepped outside the small mining town where she was born. Instead, she discovers the world through stories told to her by passing travellers, dreaming that one day she'll see it all for herself.When her grandmother passes away, leaving Angie with no remaining family, she is ready to start her own adventures.

The Sun in Her Eyes:
Amber was three when a car crash stole her mother's life. She doesn't remember the accident, but a stranger at the scene has been unable to forget. Now, almost thirty years later, they're trying to track Amber down. Meanwhile, Amber is married to Ned and living in London. When her father has a stroke, she flies straight home to Australia to be by his side.

Five Years From Now:
Nell and Van meet as children when their parents fall in love, but soon they are forced worlds apart.Five years later, they find each other. Their bond is rekindled and new feelings take hold, but once again they must separate.For the next two decades, fate brings Nell and Van together every five years, as life and circumstance continue to divide them. Will they ever find true happiness? And will it be together?


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