Paw Patrol Get Set for School Activity 12 Books Collection Set (First Letters, Phonics, Writing, Numbers, Counting, Spelling, 100 Words, Fun With Numbers, Telling the Time, Left right up down & More)

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Paw Patrol: Get Set for School Activity 12 Books Collection Set" – a delightful and educational bundle designed to ignite the curiosity and creativity of young learners! This captivating collection features a dynamic ensemble of 12 activity books, each adorned with vibrant illustrations and beloved characters from the Paw Patrol universe.

Tailored to pre schoolers and early learners, this comprehensive set offers an engaging blend of entertainment and learning. Children will embark on exciting adventures with their favourite pup heroes – Chase, Marshall, Skye, and the rest of the Paw Patrol gang – as they explore a diverse range of educational activities carefully curated to promote key developmental skills.

From practicing early math and language concepts to honing fine motor skills, these activity books encompass a variety of interactive exercises. Little ones will eagerly immerse themselves in tracing letters, solving puzzles, connecting dots, colouring scenes, and participating in age-appropriate games that foster cognitive growth and creativity.

Each book in the collection follows a different thematic focus, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. Whether it's discovering shapes and colours, building vocabulary, or strengthening critical thinking abilities, the "Paw Patrol: Get Set for School Activity 12 Books Collection Set" is designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of young learners as they prepare for the exciting journey of formal education.

Parents, educators, and caregivers alike will appreciate the thoughtful design of these activity books, which align with early learning benchmarks and seamlessly integrate play into educational pursuits. The engaging narratives and familiar characters from the Paw Patrol world make learning an immersive and enjoyable adventure, fostering a positive attitude towards education in these crucial formative years.

Titles in this Set:

PAW Patrol First Letters Activity Book
PAW Patrol First Phonics Activity Book
PAW Patrol First Writing Activity Book
PAW Patrol First Numbers Activity Book
PAW Patrol First Counting Activity Book
PAW Patrol First Spelling Activity Book
PAW Patrol First 100 Words Activity Book
PAW Patrol Fun with Numbers Activity Book
PAW Patrol Telling The Time Activity Book
PAW Patrol Left, Right, Up, Down Activity Book
PAW Patrol Shapes and Colours Activity Book
PAW Patrol Ready for School Activity Book.

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