Phil Hickes 3 Books Collection Set (The Haunting Of Aveline Jones, The Bewitching Of Aveline Jones & The Vanishing of Aveline Jones)

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Usborne SKU: LWP11209
ISBN: 9788466719087
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Phil Hickes

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Titles In This Set:
The Haunting Of Aveline Jones
The Bewitching Of Aveline Jones
The Vanishing of Aveline Jones

The Haunting Of Aveline Jones:
Aveline Jones loves reading ghost stories, so a dreary half-term becomes much more exciting when she discovers a spooky old book. Not only are the stories spine-tingling, but it once belonged to Primrose Penberthy, who vanished mysteriously, never to be seen again. Intrigued, Aveline decides to investigate Primrose's disappearance.

Now someone... or something, is stirring. And it is looking for Aveline.

The Bewitching Of Aveline Jones:
Aveline is thrilled when she discovers that the holiday cottage her mum has rented for the summer is beside a stone circle. Thousands of years old, the local villagers refer to the ancient structure as the Witch Stones, and Aveline cannot wait to learn more about them.

Then Aveline meets Hazel. Impossibly cool, mysterious yet friendly, Aveline soon falls under Hazel's spell. In fact, Hazel is quite unlike anyone Aveline has ever met before, but she can't work out why. Will Aveline discover the truth about Hazel, before it's too late?

The Vanishing of Aveline Jones:
Aveline is determined to discover the truth behind her uncle's mysterious disappearance when she travels to his home with Mum and Aunt Lilian. After years of hoping Aveline's uncle would return, they have finally decided to sell his house - but Aveline and Harold have other plans.

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