Preschool Progress with Oxford 7 Books Collection Set (Age 3-4) Phonics, Numbers, Shape & Size, Abc & More

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Prepare your child for a bright academic future with the "Preschool Progress with Oxford 7 Books Collection Set." Designed for children aged 3-4, this comprehensive set includes seven engaging and educational books that cover key early learning areas: Phonics, Numbers, Shape & Size, ABC, Colours & Patterns, Starting to Write, and Counting Up to 10. Each book is crafted to make learning fun and effective, ensuring your child develops essential skills in a playful and interactive way.

Titles in this Set 

Shape & Size
Colours & Patterns
Starting to Write
Counting Up to 10


1. Phonics

The "Phonics" book introduces young learners to the sounds of the alphabet, helping them build a strong foundation for reading. Through colorful illustrations and fun activities, children learn to recognize and pronounce letters, fostering early literacy skills and a love for reading.

2. Numbers

In "Numbers," children are introduced to the world of numeracy. This book uses engaging visuals and interactive exercises to teach children how to recognize, count, and write numbers. It lays the groundwork for mathematical understanding and helps develop numerical fluency.

3. Shape & Size

"Shape & Size" helps children understand basic geometric concepts and spatial awareness. Through playful activities and vivid illustrations, children learn to identify, compare, and sort different shapes and sizes, enhancing their cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

4. ABC

The "ABC" book makes learning the alphabet an enjoyable experience. With a focus on letter recognition and formation, this book uses a variety of activities and colorful images to help children master their ABCs, paving the way for future reading and writing success.

5. Colours & Patterns

"Colours & Patterns" introduces children to the world of colors and patterns. This book is filled with fun exercises that teach children to recognize and name different colors, as well as identify and create patterns. These activities boost creativity and visual discrimination skills.

6. Starting to Write

"Starting to Write" guides children through the basics of handwriting. With a focus on fine motor skills and pencil control, this book provides a range of tracing and writing exercises that help children learn to form letters and shapes, setting the stage for confident writing.

7. Counting Up to 10

"Counting Up to 10" focuses on teaching children to count from 1 to 10. Through engaging activities and charming illustrations, children practice counting objects, understanding quantities, and developing number sense. This book is perfect for reinforcing early math skills in a fun and interactive way.

The "Preschool Progress with Oxford 7 Books Collection Set" is a fantastic resource for parents and educators looking to support early childhood education. Each book is designed with young learners in mind, featuring bright illustrations, interactive activities, and age-appropriate content that makes learning enjoyable and effective.

This collection provides a well-rounded educational experience, covering essential topics that are critical for preschool development. Whether your child is just starting their learning journey or looking to build on existing skills, this set offers a comprehensive approach to early education that will help them succeed in school and beyond. Give your child a head start with the "Preschool Progress with Oxford 7 Books Collection Set" and watch their confidence and abilities grow!

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