Prosecco Made Me Do It By Amy Zavatto, Cocktails

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HarperCollins SKU: LWP3601
ISBN: 9780008260170
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Amy Zavatto

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Description :
Do your ears perk up when you hear the telltale pop of a prosecco bottle? Do you think every drink is just a little bit nicer with bubbles? Prosecco is no longer just a sparkling wine, it’s a cultural phenomenon, a party in a glass.

This beautifully illustrated book will introduce you to a whole world of bubbly beverages, and showcase the potential of Prosecco. From the classic bellini and fresh fruit mimosa, to a
wide range of sparkling cocktails, the recipes in this
book are light, fizzy, and fun. 60 delicious recipes are illustrated with bright and beautiful original artwork in a book that makes a lovely gift for your friends―or yourself!

Length - 13.8cm
Width - 1.9cm
Height - 19.1cm

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