Rabbit and Bear Series 5 Books Collection Set By Julian Gough (Rabbit's Bad Habits, The Pest in the Nest, Attack of the Snack, A Bite in the Night, A Bad King is a Sad Thing

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ISBN: 9789124156237
FORMAT: Paperback

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Titles in this Set:
Rabbit's Bad Habits
The Pest in the Nest
Attack of the Snack
A Bite in the Night
A Bad King is a Sad Thing

Rabbit's Bad Habits
Bear wakes up early from hibernation. If she can't sleep, then at least she can make a snowman. Rabbit has never made a snowman, but he definitely wants to make one that's better than Bear's.

The Pest in the Nest
Owch. He's hurt his own ears again. What with Bear's snoring, and a BANG!BANG!BANG! noise from up in the tree, Rabbit knows that Something Simply Has To Be Done.

Attack of the Snack
SPLASH! A Mysterious Thing lands in Rabbit and Bear's peaceful summer lake. Is it exciting, or terrifying? Is it a tiny fluffy owl, or a huge hungry monster? And has Rabbit finally met a creature with worse habits than himself?

A Bite in the Night
Rabbit is surprised: some of the trees in the valley seem to be flying south for the winter. His friend Bear is sure that trees can't fly. Then there's a loud CRUNCH! from Very Near By. It sounds like the world's largest rabbit, eating the world's largest carrot.

A Bad King is a Sad Thing
Icebear has arrived in Rabbit and Bear's valley, and he wants to be king. He's big and scary, and the more kind and understanding the animals are, the meaner he becomes.

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