Rainbow Magic Fairies 21 Books Set Collection (120-140) Daisy Meadows Fashion

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ISBN: 9781408339411
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Daisy Meadows

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This Set Includes:
The Fashion Fairies
The Sweet Fairies
Baby Animal Rescue Fairies

The Fashion Fairies
Titles in This Set

120: Miranda the Beauty Fairy
121: Claudia the Accessories Fairy
122: Tyra the Dress Designer Fairy
123: Alexa the Fashion Reporter Fairy
124: Matilda the Hair Stylist Fairy
125: Brooke the Photographer Fairy
126: Lola the Fashion Fairy

The Sweet Fairies
Titles in This Set

127: Lottie The Lollipop Fairy
128: Esme The Ice Cream Fairy
129: Coco The Cupcake Fairy
130: Clara TheChocolateFairy
131: Madeleine The Cookie Fairy
132:Layla the Candyfloss Fairy
133:Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy

Baby Animal Rescue Fairies
Titles in This Set

134: Mae the Panda Fairy
135: Kitty the Tiger Fairy
136: Mara the Meerkat Fairy
137: Savannah the Zebra Fairy
138: Kimberley the Koala Fairy
139: Rosie the Honey Bear Fairy
140: Anna the Arctic Fox Fairy

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