Rainbow Magic The Magical Party Collection & The Magical Adventure 42 Books Set

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Orchard Books SKU: LWP9419
ISBN: 9789123894659
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Daisy Meadows

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Titles in this set:
Pet Keeper Fairies: Penny
Pet Keeper Fairies: Molly
Pet Keeper Fairies: Harrieta
Pet Keeper Fairies: Lauren
Pet Keeper Fairies: Georgia
Pet Keeper Fairies: Bella
Pet Keeper Fairies: Katie

Party Fairies: Jasmine
Party Fairies: Phoebe
Party Fairies: Polly
Party Fairies: Honey
Party Fairies: Grace
Party Fairies: Melodie
Party Fairies: Cherry

Rainbow Fairies: Heather
Rainbow Fairies: Izzy
Rainbow Fairies: Sky
Rainbow Fairies: Fern
Rainbow Fairies: Saffron
Rainbow Fairies: Amber
Rainbow Fairies: Ruby

Sporty Fairies: Gemma
Sporty Fairies: Alice
Sporty Fairies: Samantha
Sporty Fairies: Naomi
Sporty Fairies: Zoe
Sporty Fairies: Francesca
Sporty Fairies: Helena

Jewel Fairies: Lucy
Jewel Fairies: Sophie
Jewel Fairies: Amy
Jewel Fairies: Chloe
Jewel Fairies: Emily
Jewel Fairies: Scarlett
Jewel Fairies: India

Weather Fairies: Hayley
Weather Fairies: Storm
Weather Fairies: Evie
Weather Fairies: Goldie
Weather Fairies: Pearl
Weather Fairies: Abigail
Weather Fairies: Crystal

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