Richard Collier Collection 4 Books Set (1940 The World in Flames, 1941 Armageddon The Road to Pearl Harbor, Eagle Day The Battle of Britain & Ten Thousand Eyes)

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Embark on a riveting journey through pivotal years of WWII with Richard Collier's 4-book collection. Gripping narratives unveil the turmoil and heroism of war, offering profound insights into historical turning points.

Titles In This Set:
1940 The World in Flames
1941 Armageddon The Road to Pearl Harbor
Eagle Day The Battle of Britain
Ten Thousand Eyes


1940: The World in Flames:

This was a time of blitzkrieg and the Blitz; of the Battle of Britain and Dunkirk. From the fighting in Finland to the destruction of Coventry, from the sinking of the French fleet in Oran to the invasion of Norway, this is history at its most extraordinary and engaging.

1941: Armageddon: The Road to Pearl Harbor:
‘This war has now assumed the character’, wrote Benito Mussolini, before 1941 was six months old, ‘of a war between two worlds’, and the Italian dictator had rarely predicted more truly.Before the year had ended, following Hitler’s surprise assault on Russia and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, thirty-seven nations were engaged in an all-out war reminiscent of Armageddon, ‘the battle of that great day of God Almighty’.

Eagle Day: The Battle of Britain:
Drawing on eyewitness accounts from both the RAF and the Luftwaffe, this is a compelling story of history in the making through an intensely fought battle, taking the reader into the heart of the action as told by those who fought and experienced it.

Ten Thousand Eyes:
Days after France fell in June 1940, André Dewavrin was appointed by Charles de Gaulle in London to create, from scratch, the Free French Intelligence Service.Recruiting agents among the sailors, farmers, painters, housewives and children of Occupied France, he managed cells of spies across the country, and focused their attention on one goal: preparing for the Allied invasion of France, even at the risk of torture and death.

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