Rita Bradshaw 5 Books Collection Set (Always I'll Remember, Skylarks At Sunset, Above The Harvest Moon, Eve and her Sisters, Gilding the Lily)

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Rita Bradshaw

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Embark on a captivating literary journey with the Rita Bradshaw 5 Books Collection Set. Renowned for her evocative storytelling, Bradshaw weaves tales of love, resilience, and family across generations. From the windswept moors to bustling city streets, her narratives paint vivid landscapes that mirror the complexities of human relationships.

Titles In This Set:
Always I'll Remember
Skylarks At Sunset
Above The Harvest Moon
Eve and her Sisters
Gilding the Lily


Always I'll Remember
It's 1939 and Abigail Vickers, enjoying her promising new job in an office, is overjoyed when she meets James Benson there and they both fall completely in love. But life for Abby is a constant struggle against her dominant and selfish mother, Nora, who is jealous of Abby's beauty and success. When war breaks out, all their lives change forever.

Skylarks At Sunset
Hope's just a child when she's orphaned, and as she grows up her dream is always to have a family of her own. And so when she meets and falls in love with Daniel Fallow, son of a successful businessman, she's quick to accept his proposal of marriage. His family, though, are against the match, and so the young couple marry in secret.

Above The Harvest Moon
It's 1926 and the Depression is claiming its victims every day. Hannah and her mother, Miriam, who have lived with Hannah's uncle and aunt since her father died, have never really been close. As Hannah develops into a beautiful girl, so Miriam's jealousy and resentment of her grows.

Eve and her Sisters
Following their father's death in a mining accident, sisters Eve, Mary and Nell journey to the Michaelmas fair at Gateshead to be put up for hire - it is that or face the workhouse. Eve, who has looked after her younger sisters since their mother's death, cannot bear the thought of them being separated so she is indebted to innkeeper, Caleb Travis, when he takes pity on her and agrees to hire them all.

Gilding the Lily
Lily and Sarah Brown's childhood is an unhappy one. Sarah escapes by marrying Ralph Turner, a Sunderland dock worker, but Lily doesn't trust Ralph - a dark volatile man with a hidden cruel streak. When he tries to seduce Lily on his wedding day, her worst fears are confirmed.

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