Robin Paige Victorian Mystery Series Collection 6 Books Set Death of Bishop Keep

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ISBN: 9789123772582
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Robin Paige

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Robin Paige Victorian Mystery Series 6 Books Collection Set

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Titles in this set:

Death at Bishops Keep
Death at Gallows Green
Death at Daisys Folly
Death at the Devil's Bridge
Death at Rottingdean
Death at Whitechapel


Death at Bishops Keep

Kate Adrleigh is everything the Victorian English gentlewoman is not - outspoken, free-thinking, American... and a writer of the frowned upon 'penny-dreadfuls.' Soon after her arrival in Essex, England, a body is unearthed in a nearby archaeological dig - and Kate has the chance to not only research her latest story... but to begin her first case with amateur detective Sir Charles Sheridan.

Death at Gallows Green

In Death at Bishop's Keep, Kathryn Ardleigh captured the interest of detective Sir Charles Sheridan as they solved their first case together. Now the demise of a local constable and the disappearance of a child have the sleuthing couple on the trail of deadly greed and criminal mischief once again. And with the help of a shy woman who calls herself Beatrix Potter, Kate intends to uncover the sinister secrets of Gallows Green..

Death at Daisys Folly

Kate and Sir Charles gather with a host of memorable guests at the Warwicks' Eaton Lodge for an English country-house weekend. Meet Albert Edward, Prince of Wales; his 'darling Daisy,' the Countess of Warwick; their friends-and their enemies. Someone has murdered a stableboy and the Prince, smarting over a recent gambling expos and seeking to avoid scandal, directs Sir Charles to find the killer. But the stakes go up when a guest is shot with the Countess's gun.

Death at the Devil's Bridge

Newlyweds Charles and Kate Sheridan have moved into Kate's ancestral Georgian home Bishop's Keep, where Kate plans to devote herself to her writing and Charles to the responsibilities of the landed gentry. He agrees to host an automobile exhibition and balloon race attended by Europe's foremost investors and inventors, among them the young Mr. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. But speed, competition, and money prove to be more explosive than gasoline-and for one automobile builder, more deadly....

Death at Rottingdean

Lord and Lady Sheridan (Charles is now Baron of Somersworth) have taken a house for a few quiet weeks in the late summer of 1897, in the sea-coast village of Rottingdean. Long known as Smugglers' Village, the hamlet sits on a labyrinth of ancient tunnels. When the body of a coast guard is pulled out of the Channel, Kate and Charles suspect that the town is still plying the illicit trades of its past. With the help of Rudyard Kipling (who is just beginning his novel Kim), they discover that something is rotten in Rottingdean...

Death at Whitechapel

Kathryn Ardleigh is becoming accustomed to the high-society circles of her husband, Lord Charles Sheridan. She has found a kindred spirit in Jennie Jerome Churchill, an American who married the second son of the Duke of Marlborough. But Jennie faces a serious scandal that threatens the political future of her 23-year-old son Winston. She is being blackmailed by someone who claims to have proof that Winston's father was the notorious Jack the Ripper...

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