Sheila Bugler Collection 4 Books Set (I Could Be You, When the Dead Speak, Before You Were Gone, You Were Always Mine)

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ISBN: 9780678458167
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Sheila Bugler

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Titles in this Set:
I Could Be You
When the Dead Speak
Before You Were Gone
You Were Always Mine

I Could Be You
On a stifling hot day, former journalist Dee Doran finds the crumpled body of her friend at the roadside. Katie and her little boy, Jake, have been a light in Dee's otherwise desolate life - now a woman is dead and a child is missing. Katie has been keeping secrets for a long time. Years earlier, she fell for the wrong person.

When the Dead Speak
When the murdered body of Lauren Shaw is discovered laid out on the altar of St Mary the Virgin church in Eastbourne it sends a chill to the core of those who have lived in the area for a long time. They remember another woman, also young and pretty, whose slain corpse was placed in the same spot 60 years ago.

Before You Were Gone
Emer Doran’s life was torn apart when her sister, Kitty, drowned. Her body was never recovered. Twenty years later, Emer sees a woman who is the image of Kitty. In that brief moment, Emer is convinced – her sister is alive.

You Were Always Mine
Years ago, she went to prison for killing her husband. Now, her daughter is dead too.
Cassie McNamara was found guilty of the murder of her husband, Paul Cavellini, but she has always protested her innocence. Upon her release, she is ready to start over and hires local journalist, Dee Doran, to prove she was wrongfully convicted.

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