Shirley Parenteau Collection 5 Books Set

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ISBN: 9789124175993
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Shirley Parenteau

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Titles In This Set:
Bears in Beds
Bears in a Band
Bears In The Bath
Bears and a Birthday
Bears On Chairs

Bears in Beds:

It's time to go to sleep, time for Big Brown Bear to tuck all four little bears into their beds. Then he's ready to climb into his own bed and turn out the light. Five warm beds, holding five sleepy bears, until ... a sound goes whoosh in the middle of the night, and all the bears wake up in a fright. Will they ever get back into bed? Luckily, Big Brown Bear knows just what to do!

Bears in a Band:
CLANG! CLANG! TOOTLEY-TOOO! The impossibly cute bears are back - and this time they have musical instruments at the ready! The little bears pick up their instruments and play a noisy song. They don't care if the notes are wrong! But uh-oh Big Brown Bear is fast asleep.

Bears In The Bath:
Splish! Splash! Splosh! The adorable stars of Bears on Chairs and Bears in Beds are back, and they're ready for bath time. Or are they? Water, soap and sponge are there. The bath is ready. Where are the bears? The four little bears are grimy, dirty and covered in mud!

Bears and a Birthday:
In their fourth endearing escape, four small bears prepare a celebration for Big Brown Bear's Birthday. Mmmm something smells good in the kitchen. Big Brown Bear is curious - what are those little bears up to? Are they making something special? No peeking, Big Brown Bear!

Bears On Chairs:
Can five bears share four chairs? The infectious rhymes and easy charm of this winsome read-aloud will make young listeners sit up and take notice. FOUR HAPPY BEARS ON FOUR SMALL CHAIRS. Four chairs. Four adorable bears. All is well until Big Brown Bear shows up - what a stare! - and wants a seat.

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