Star Friends 9 Books Set Collection by Linda Chapman

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Step into a magical world of friendship and wonder with the "Star Friends Series" by Linda Chapman. Join four young girls as they discover their extraordinary abilities and embark on fantastic adventures to protect the mystical Star Animals. A heartwarming and enchanting journey for young readers awaits in this delightful series.

Mirror Magic
Wish Trap
Secret Spell
Dark Tricks
Night Shade
Poison Potion
Moonlight Mischief
Hidden Charm
Mystic Forest


Mirror Magic:

Maia's older sister has started acting strangely and the Star Animals sense dark magic at work. Soon Maia discovers that the new pocket mirror her sister has must be to blame.

Wish Trap:
When a run of bad luck hits the local gym team, the Star Friends suspect that dark magic is behind it. But are their Star Magic skills strong enough to fight back?

Secret Spell:
Lottie and her star animal, a squirrel called Juniper, must use their special powers to stop the forces of dark magic.Someone in the village is using dark magic and the Star Friends need to work together to figure it out who it is.

Dark Tricks:
Sita and her friends do! When they meet the Star Animals, a whole world of adventure unfolds. Sita and her star animal, a deer called Willow, must use their special powers to stop the forces of dark magic.

Night Shade:
Ever since Maia and her friends stopped Auntie Mabel from using dark magic to cause trouble in the small seaside village of Westcombe.

Poison Potion:
Could it be the grumpy new school secretary? Meanwhile, Lottie’s friend Essie is being mean at school, and none of the adults want to go to work!

Moonlight Mischief:
When the residents of Westcombe enter the Best Kept Village competition, they appear to have a helping hand – someone has tidied the village overnight!

Hidden Charm:
The Star Friends are enjoying the holidays, but it’s not all fun and games as they try to discover who summoned the Shades that caused chaos in Westcombe.

Mystic Forest:
The Star Friends are very excited to be going on a camping trip in the forest where they’ll learns all sorts of survival skills.

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