Stephen R. Covey 7 Books Collection Set (The Third Alternative, Trust & Inspire, Living the 7 habbits & Many More!)

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Titles In This Set:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Trust & Inspire
Principle Centred Leadership
First Things First
The 3rd Alternative
Living the 7 Habits
The 8th Habit

Discover timeless wisdom with the Stephen R. Covey 7-Book Collection Set. Immerse yourself in Covey's transformative insights on leadership, personal development, and success. Unlock the secrets to living a purpose-driven life through these influential works.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
Explore a life-changing guide that reveals the fundamental principles to attain true effectiveness. Stephen R. Covey's masterpiece empowers you to cultivate personal and professional growth through timeless habits

Trust & Inspire:
Delve into the art of building trust and inspiring others with Stephen R. Covey's insightful perspectives. Learn to foster genuine connections, strengthen relationships, and lead with integrity, fostering a culture of collaboration.

Principle-Centered Leadership:
Uncover the path to exceptional leadership guided by unwavering principles. Covey's profound exploration of principle-centered leadership equips you with strategies to navigate challenges, drive positive change, and achieve sustainable success.

First Things First:
Discover the transformative concept of prioritization and time management. In this essential work, Covey offers practical tools to align your actions with your values, enabling you to focus on what truly matters and achieve meaningful results.

The 3rd Alternative:
Embrace the power of synergy and creativity with the revolutionary concept of the 3rd Alternative. Covey presents innovative approaches to conflict resolution and problem-solving, leading to breakthroughs that transcend traditional solutions.

Living the 7 Habits:
Experience Covey's timeless principles in action with practical insights for daily living. This companion book empowers you to integrate the 7 habits into your routine, fostering personal growth and unleashing your full potential.

The 8th Habit:
Elevate your journey of personal and organizational effectiveness by embracing the 8th Habit. Covey unveils the path to finding your unique voice, achieving greatness, and contributing to the world in a way that resonates deeply with your values.

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