Tell Me Why? 12 Books Collection Set (Why Is the snapdragon called so, Why Is nickel so popular in batteries, Why Does Jelly Wobble & More!)

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This collection of 12 books is ready to answer the questions of young, inquisitive minds! The Tell Me Why? series is a curation that seeks to answer the "Whys' of a wide range of subjects through simple explanations. A sure shot way of making kids learn about new things while indulging their curiosities about the world!

Titles In This Set:
Why Is the snapdragon called so?
Why Is nickel so popular in batteries?
Why Does the clownfish live inside the tentacles of sea anemones?
Why Does Jelly Wobble?
Why Do Some People Snore?
Why Do robots need sensors?
Why Do Mobile Phones Vibrate?
Why can't a computer do without 0s and 1s ?
Why Did dinosaur skulls have windows?
Why Do I see a bunny on the moon?
Why do elephants have big ears?
Why Do Bunnies Hop?

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