The Animal Wisdom Tarot Deck Cards Collection Box Set Mind Body Spirit Read

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ISBN: 9781908862587
FORMAT: Mixed Lot

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The Animal Wisdom Tarot Box Pack

Interpretation is the key to the art of Tarot reading.


Titles in This Set

A Full Deck of Specially Commissioned Tarot Cards

A 96-Page Illustrated Book


The Animal Wisdom Tarot blends traditional tarot symbolism with animal wisdom. This box contains a complete deck of 78 specially-designed tarot cards, and an accompanying 96-page book which explains how to use the cards and their meanings.

Using tarot cards is a time-honoured way to recognize patterns of our past, explore alternatives in our present, and predict potential outcomes in our future.

Every card in the deck features a unique animal drawing that merges classic tarot meaning with animal teaching and guidance.

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