The Benevolence Series 3 Books Collection Set by Lucy Score (Pretend You're Mine, Finally Mine, Protecting What's Mine)

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The Benevolence Series by Lucy Score is a captivating three-book collection set filled with romance, humor, and heartwarming relationships. Each book follows the love stories of strong, independent women and the charming, swoon-worthy men who capture their hearts. Here's a summary of each book in the collection:

Titles in this Set 

Pretend You're Mine
Finally Mine
Protecting What's Mine


  1. Pretend You're Mine: In "Pretend You're Mine," readers are introduced to Dr. Leah Levee, a brilliant and dedicated surgeon, and her neighbour, Sam Crawford, a former quarterback with a reputation for being a ladies' man. When Leah finds herself in need of a fake boyfriend to ward off her matchmaking colleagues, she strikes a deal with Sam. As they pretend to be a couple, their chemistry becomes undeniable, and what started as a charade soon turns into something much deeper and real.

  2. Finally Mine: "Finally Mine" focuses on the story of Paige Asher, a successful businesswoman, and Dash Hennessy, a charismatic bartender and musician. Paige has always been in control of her life, but when she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, her world is turned upside down. Dash offers his support and friendship, but their connection deepens into a passionate romance. However, past traumas and fears threaten to derail their happiness, and they must confront their insecurities to embrace the love they have found.

  3. Protecting What's Mine: In the final book of the series, "Protecting What's Mine," readers meet former military police officer Sarah and her gruff yet endearing neighbour, Sean. Sarah's past has left her wary of forming attachments, but Sean's protective nature and genuine heart break down her walls. As they navigate the complexities of love and family, they find themselves drawn into a dangerous situation that puts their relationship to the test.

The Benevolence Series by Lucy Score offers a delightful blend of heartwarming romance, engaging characters, and captivating storylines. Each book in the collection explores themes of love, trust, and the power of finding a true connection with someone special. With humor, passion, and a touch of drama, this series promises an enjoyable and emotional reading experience for fans of contemporary romance.

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