The Bone Witch Series 3 Books Collection Set By Rin Chupeco (The Bone Witch, The Heart Forger & The Shadowglass)

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The "The Bone Witch Series 3 Books Collection Set" by Rin Chupeco follows the enchanting and dark tale of Tea, a young girl with a unique and dangerous gift in a world of magic, monsters, and political intrigue.

Titles in this Set:

The Bone Witch"
The Heart Forger
The Shadowglass


  1. "The Bone Witch": The series begins with Tea discovering her latent necromantic abilities after accidentally raising her brother from the dead. She is thrust into a world of asha, powerful magical practitioners, and is taken under the wing of a powerful bone witch. As Tea learns to control her powers, she becomes entangled in a complex web of politics, love, and dark forces threatening her world.

  2. "The Heart Forger": In the second installment, Tea continues to master her abilities as a bone witch. As political unrest looms, she faces challenges that test the limits of her powers and alliances. The story delves into the consequences of choices, the complexities of love, and the high-stakes world of asha, where power comes at a cost.

  3. "The Shadowglass": The final book in the series brings Tea's journey to a climactic conclusion. With war on the horizon and alliances shifting, Tea must confront the forces that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear. Secrets are unveiled, and the true nature of Tea's powers is revealed in a riveting and suspenseful finale.

Throughout the series, Rin Chupeco weaves a rich tapestry of world-building, drawing readers into a magical realm filled with intricate traditions, mythical creatures, and the consequences of wielding dark magic. The narrative unfolds through a dual timeline, with an older Tea recounting her story to a bard, adding an extra layer of mystery and depth to the storytelling.

"The Bone Witch Series" combines elements of fantasy, coming-of-age, and political intrigue, creating a captivating and immersive reading experience for those who enjoy intricate world-building and complex characters. The trilogy explores themes of power, identity, and the sacrifices one must make in the pursuit of destiny.


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