The Breakfast Club Adventures Series 3 Books Collection Set (Marcus Rashford)(The Beast Beyond the Fence, The Ghoul in the School & The Phantom Thief)

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ISBN: 9785651863365
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Marcus Rashford

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Embark on a delightful journey with "The Breakfast Club Adventures Series," a collection of three books filled with whimsical tales and heartwarming adventures. Join a group of lively characters as they navigate the challenges of a breakfast-themed world, blending humor and friendship in a charming narrative. Perfect for readers young and old, this series promises a delightful escape into a realm where breakfast becomes the backdrop for unforgettable stories.

Titles in this set:

1. The Beast Beyond the Fence
2. The Ghoul in the School
3. The Phantom Thief


The Beast Beyond the Fence
When twelve-year-old Marcus kicks his favourite football over the school fence, he knows he's never getting it back. Nothing that goes over that wall ever comes back. But when Marcus gets a mysterious note inviting him to join the Breakfast Club Investigators, he is soon pulled into an exciting adventure with his new mates Stacey, Lise and Asim to find out what is lurking on the other side of the fence – and get his football back!

The Ghoul in the School
The Breakfast Club Investigators haven't managed to solve a mystery in months and Marcus is worried that the group is going to break up! So when the captain of the school basketball team comes to ask for their help Marcus knows this might just be the Investigator's last chance to prove themselves.

The basketball team have had a streak of bad luck, and Marcus and his mates are sure there's more going on than meets the eye. As the mystery deepens and they uncover one surprising clue after another, they discover that someone – or something – has cursed the basketball team! Can Marcus and his friends solve the mystery in time?

The Phantom Thief
The Breakfast Club Adventures: The Phantom Thief is the third book in an exciting mystery series by England International footballer, child food-poverty campaigner and bestselling author Marcus Rashford MBE, inspired by Marcus's own experiences growing up! Written with Alex Falase-Koya and packed with tons of illustrations by Marta Kissi, it is it the perfect book for children aged 8-11.

A mysterious figure is stealing from clubs all over Rutherford High! The only clue is a strange calling card left at the scene of the crime . . .

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