The Bumper Book of Would You Rather?: Over 350 hilarious hypothetical questions for anyone aged 6 to 106

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ISBN: 9780751579796
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Joe Kerr

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Stuck at home on a rainy day or heading off on a long journey? Need something fun and engaging to occupy you, your kids or your whole family? Then get stuck into these 350 ridiculous, mind-boggling and hilarious hypothetical questions!

Would you rather always have wet hair or always have wet feet?
Would you rather live in a lighthouse on an island or a treehouse in a rainforest?
Would you rather give the stranger on the bus next to you £1 million or receive £50,000 yourself?
And would you rather chew someone else's chewing gum . . . or drink someone else's backwash???

The perfect brain-stretcher for anyone aged 6 to 106, The Bumper Book of Would You Rather? is guaranteed to provide you with HOURS of entertainment.

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