The Complete Collection Anne Of Green Gables 8 Books Hardcover Set (Anne Of Green Gables, Anne Of Avonlea, Anne Of The Island, Anne Of Windy Poplars, Anne's House Of Dreams, Anne Of Ingleside & More)

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ISBN: 9781804455302
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: L. M. Montgomery

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Anne of Green Gables" is a beloved classic written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. The novel introduces us to the imaginative and spirited Anne Shirley, an orphan mistakenly sent to live with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert in the charming village of Avonlea.

Titles In This Set:
Anne Of Green Gables
Anne Of Avonlea
Anne Of The Island
Anne Of Windy Poplars
Anne's House Of Dreams
Anne Of Ingleside
Rainbow Valley
Rilla of Ingleside

  1. "Anne of Green Gables": Follow the spirited Anne Shirley as she arrives in the picturesque village of Avonlea, turning the lives of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert upside down with her vivid imagination and infectious charm.

  2. "Anne of Avonlea": Anne takes on the role of a schoolteacher in Avonlea, navigating the challenges of adolescence, friendship, and responsibility while staying true to her unique personality.

  3. "Anne of the Island": Anne ventures off to Redmond College, exploring the complexities of love and friendship as she matures into a young woman, facing both joys and heartbreaks.

  4. "Anne of Windy Poplars": Join Anne as she takes a teaching position in Windy Poplars, experiencing new adventures and maintaining connections with her friends through a series of heartfelt letters.

  5. "Anne's House of Dreams": Anne embarks on married life with Gilbert Blythe, settling into their first home, the enchanting "House of Dreams," and encountering the joys and challenges of building a life together.

  6. "Anne of Ingleside": Discover Anne's life as a mother to a growing family in the charming town of Glen St. Mary, where she faces the trials and triumphs of raising a spirited brood.

  7. "Rainbow Valley": Anne's children take center stage in this novel as they form a secret society in Rainbow Valley, bringing their own unique brand of joy and chaos to the community.

  8. "Rilla of Ingleside": Set against the backdrop of World War I, follow Rilla, the youngest daughter of Anne, as she navigates the challenges of love and loss during a tumultuous period in Canadian history.

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