The Dinner Lady Detectives Collection 4 Books Set By Hannah Hendy (A Frightfully Fatal Affair, The Dinner Lady Detectives, An Unfortunate Christmas Murder, A Terrible Village Poisoning)

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Hannah Hendy

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Welcome to "The Dinner Lady Detectives Collection," a delightful series that combines the charm of amateur sleuths with the warmth of culinary delights. In this four-book set, author Hannah Hendy introduces us to a group of endearing dinner ladies who, between serving up scrumptious meals, find themselves entangled in intriguing mysteries.

Titles In This Set:
A Frightfully Fatal Affair
The Dinner Lady Detectives
An Unfortunate Christmas Murder
A Terrible Village Poisoning


A Frightfully Fatal Affair

Margery and Clementine Butcher-Baker are coming to the end of another busy half term as dinner ladies at Summerview Secondary school. The school is abuzz with chatter about the upcoming break, the local harvest festival, and the fact that maths teacher, Mr Weaver, hasn't turned up to work in days.
When the pair embark on an evening walk, they discover Mr Weaver’s body in the woods, with a mysterious symbol painted on the tree beside him. Something suspicious is clearly afoot.
As the nights grow darker and the mysterious symbols continue to appear around Dewstow, the Dinner Lady Detectives are pulled deeper into the case. Can they solve the mystery as deceit and chaos reigns, or will their killer pull off another deadly trick?

The Dinner Lady Detectives
Margery and Clementine are enjoying a peaceful middle-age together in the small, idyllic town of Dewstow, and eagerly awaiting retirement from their work on the front line serving meals to the students at Summer view secondary school. Their calm life is shattered when their kitchen manager is found dead in the school's walk-in freezer. The police are adamant that it's an open-and-shut case of accidental death. Margery and Clementine are convinced there's something far more nefarious going on, and they take it upon themselves to investigate.

An Unfortunate Christmas Murder
It's winter in the small town of Dewstow, and Margery is preparing for her first Christmas as Summer view school's kitchen manager. She's supported by her wife, Clementine, and is trying to stay focused on the task at hand. The pair are determined to stay out of the way of the Christmas concert planning that has gripped the rest of the staff. However, they are caught in the crossfire when the stage lights collapse at the first practice, killing Mrs Large, the music teacher.

A Terrible Village Poisoning
The local mayor has a dinner date with death…With school out for the summer, Margery and Clementine Butcher-Baker are taking advantage of the break to go on holiday. They plan to explore the village of St-Martins-on-the-Water and rest before the chaos of Mrs Smith's impending hen do. By the end of their first night, the local mayor lies dead on the floor of the hotel restaurant, having been poisoned by his meal. The villagers are convinced: The Poisoner is back.

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