The Ghost Hunter Chronicles Series 3 Books Collection Set by Yvette Fielding (The House in the Woods, The Ripper of Whitechapel & The Witches of Pendle)

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Andersen Press SKU: LWP12317
ISBN: 9780569888561
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Yvette Fielding

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Embark on a spine-chilling journey into the supernatural with 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles Series,' a gripping collection of three books. Join our intrepid ghost hunter as they unravel mysteries, face spectral entities, and delve into the eerie unknown. Packed with suspense and paranormal intrigue, this series is a must-read for fans of haunted tales and ghostly encounters.

Titles In This Set:
The House in the Woods
The Ripper of Whitechapel
The Witches of Pendle


The House in the Woods

When Clovis, Eve and Tom decide to play with a ouija board in an old abandoned house on Halloween, none of them foresees the horrors they’re about to unleash. What starts out as a bit of fun, soon transcends into something far more terrifying when a distressed and determined spirit follows them home. Before long the friends are caught up in a series of events beyond their wildest imaginings and their journey as ghost hunters begins . . .

The Ripper of Whitechapel
When the ghosts of two young children start to haunt a local school, trainee ghost hunters Eve, Clovis and Tom are invited to help investigate the case. But before long they realise there is more to this haunting than they first realised. Could it be that the ghost children are victims of Jack the Ripper? And is the evil Ripper of Whitechapel about to unleash a new campaign of terror from beyond the grave?

The Witches of Pendle
When a new family moves into a house in Pendle, they discover a witch's bottle filled with curses. Soon the spirits of those accused of witchcraft in the infamous Pendle Witch Trials of 1612 are released, wreaking havoc in the area.
Eve, Clovis and Tom are enlisted to investigate in their latest and most challenging mission yet. Together with their mentor, Professor Rufus, they must go up against the ghosts of the Pendle witches. But the ghosts are hellbent on possessing the descendants of those who were responsible for their deadly trials. Can the ghost-hunting trio put a stop to the possessions before it's too late?

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