The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild Series 3 Books Collection Set By Simon Farnaby (The Wizard In My Shed, The Warrior in My Wardrobe[Hardcover], The Wizard and Me World Book Day)

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Hodder Publishing SKU: LWP11105
ISBN: 9789124199425
FORMAT: Various
AUTHOR: Simon Farnaby

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Titles In This Set:
The Warrior in My Wardrobe [Hardcover]
The Wizard In My Shed
The Wizard and Me World Book Day

The Warrior in My Wardrobe [Hardcover]:
Merdyn is the greatest wizard of the Dark Ages. Obviously. Rose is his 21st-century descendent. Lucky her. And Vanheldon the vandal warrior is FURIOUS! After all, last time they met, Merdyn turned his army to stone. Seeking revenge, Vanheldon comes up with a way to kidnap Rose and transport her back to Dark Ages Transylvania, set on luring Merdyn into a terrible trap. Except - whoops! - his magical minion kidnaps Rose's teenage brother Kris instead.

The Wizard In My Shed:
Rose is a totally ordinary girl, on a mission to mend her broken family. Bubbles is Rose's guinea pig. He just poos a lot. When Rose bumps into Merdyn and discovers what he is, she quickly realises that he could be just what she needs. Rose agrees to help Merdyn navigate the confusing ways of the modern world (things like: the lidded bowl in the bathroom is NOT a sink, it's a TOILET, so definitely DON'T wash your face in it) if Merdyn gives her a spell to fix her family in return.

The Wizard and Me World Book Day:
In an exclusive for World Book Day, Bubbles the guinea pig shares his thoughts about wizards, magical adventures, his owner, Rose, dogs, pooing - and food. Mostly food. This is a story about me, Bubbles. Find out how Merdyn the Wild, a wizard from the Dark Ages, landed in my life and distracted my owner, Rose, with magic and adventures.

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