The New Adventures of the Wishing Chair Collection 6 Books Set Pack By Enid Blyton

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ISBN: 9780603572395
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Enid Blyton

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Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas Eve, the perfect time for a visit to Winter Wonderland. There is lots of snow, there are elves, and best of all, there's Santa Claus!
But Santa's sleigh is broken, and none of the presents are wrapped. Can the three friends find out what's wrong and save Christmas?

The Land of Fairytales

The Wishing-Chair takes Jack and Jessica to Fairyvale, a world of real life fairytales. But Wishler is being so naughty!
He steals the golden goose and kidnaps Tom Thumb. With the help of Jack's beanstalk and Jessica's fairy godmother, can they get the old Wishler back?


Jessica, Jack and Wishler the pixie are going to Giantland, where everything is, well... GIANT! Even the Wishing-Chair.
But the chair is the first prize in a giants' talent contest, and the tiny friends have to win it back or they'll be stuck in Giantland forever! How will they escape without being squashed?


Jessica and Jack need some Get Better magic for their neighbour's garden. So off they fly with Wishler the pixie to Spellworld, where they have to catch the right spell!
Flick, the mischievous wizard, is after a special type of magic too. Can Jessica and Jack find it first?

The Land of Mythical Creatures

Jack and Jessica are excited to go to the Land of Mythical Creatures with Wishler the pixie. They want to see unicorns, griffins and dragons.
But all the animals seem to be ill! Could Flick the naughty wizard be behind the mischief again?

The Island of Surprises

When Jessica and Jack explore the old shed in their garden, they discover a pixie called Wishler and a magical Wishing-Chair!
Off they go to the Island of Surprises, where they meet giant teddy-bears, crazy mirrors and a mischievous wizard called Flick. Flick tricks everyone with his pranks, but will he stop Jessica and Jack getting back home? 

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