The Pengarron Sagas Series 5 Books Collection Set By Gloria Cook

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ISBN: 9789123887682
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Gloria Cook

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Titles in this set:

Pengarron Land
Pengarron Pride
Pengarron's Children
Pengarron Dynasty
Pengarron Rivalry

Pengarron Land
Kerensa Trelynne is excited about marrying her sweetheart Clem Trenchard, although it will be a wrench to leave Trelynne Cove and the little tumbledown cottage she shares with her grandfather, Old Tom.But when local landowner Sir Oliver Pengarron sets his sights on their land, everything changes.

Pengarron Pride
Forced into a marriage against her will, Kerensa Trelynne has adapted well to her change in circumstances. Eight years on she is the established lady of the manor, happy in the arms of her husband Sir Oliver Pengarron who she has grown to love and the devoted mother of three children.

Pengarron's Children
Jessica Trenchard is a spirited and, at times, wayward girl to the point that her father Clem is considering remarrying, just to provide her with a suitable role model. But Jessica's tender care of the distressed and speechless girl she discovers in a field shows that she isn't just a fun-loving tomboy.

Pengarron Dynasty
Will the long-standing love triangle between Kerensa Pengarron, the beautiful wife of Sir Oliver, and her first love Clem Trenchard, ever be resolved? The christening of little Harry Pengarron unearths old scores, bringing Oliver and Clem face to face for the first time in years.

Pengarron Rivalry
Kelynen, their youngest daughter, is left resentful and upset by her father's treatment of her: though she had been looking forward to running the estate single-handedly, Sir Oliver has unexpectedly forbidden it, and instead ordered her brother Luke, the selfish son and heir, to forget his playwriting career and return to Pengarron.

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