The Prison Healer Series 3 Books Collection Set By Lynette Noni (The Prison Healer, The Gilded Cage, The Blood Traitor)

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In "The Prison Healer," dive into a gripping tale of survival, secrets, and sacrifice. As protagonist Kiva fights for freedom, the line between healer and prisoner blurs, setting the stage for a thrilling journey through a perilous world of magic and mystery.

Titles In This Set:

The Prison Healer
The Gilded Cage
The Blood Traitor


The Prison Healer:

Seventeen-year-old Kiva Meridan is a survivor. For ten years, she has worked as the healer in the notorious death prison, Zalindov, making herself indispensable. Kept afloat by messages of hope from her family, Kiva has one goal and one goal only: stay alive. Then one day the infamous Rebel Queen arrives at the prison on death's door and Kiva receives a new message: Don't let her die. We are coming.

The Gilded Cage:
Kiva Meridan is a survivor. She survived not only Zalindov prison, but also the deadly Trial by Ordeal. Now Kiva's purpose goes beyond survival to vengeance. For the past ten years, her only goal has been to reunite with her family and destroy the people responsible for ruining their lives. But now that she has escaped Zalindov, her mission has become more complicated than ever.

The Blood Traitor:
Kiva thought she knew what she wanted-revenge. But feelings change, people change . . . everything has changed. After what happened at the palace, Kiva is desperate to know if her friends and family are safe, and whether those she wronged can ever forgive her. But with the kingdoms closer to the brink of war than they've ever been, and Kiva far away from the conflict, more is at stake than her own broken heart.

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