The Shardlake Series 7 Books Collection Set By C. J. Sansom (Dissolution, Dark Fire, Sovereign, Revelation, Heartstone, Lamentation, Tombland)

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ISBN: 9789124187132
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: C. J. Sansom

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The "Shardlake Series 7 Books Collection Set" by C. J. Sansom is a captivating historical fiction series set in the turbulent times of Tudor England, featuring the hunchbacked lawyer-detective, Matthew Shardlake. Each book in this series offers a thrilling blend of historical accuracy and gripping mystery. Here's a summary of each book:

Titles in this Set:

Dark Fire


It is 1537, a time of revolution that sees the greatest changes in England since 1066. Henry VIII has proclaimed himself Supreme Head of the Church. The country is waking up to savage new laws, rigged trials and the greatest network of informers it has ever seen.

Dark Fire:
England, 1540: Matthew Shardlake, believing himself out of favour with Thomas Cromwell, is busy trying to maintain his legal practice and keep a low profile.

Autumn, 1541: King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Progress to the North to attend an extravagant submission of his rebellious subjects in York.Already in the city are lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his assistant Jack Barak.

England, 1543: King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr, whom he wants for his sixth wife. But this time the object of his affections is resisting.

England, 1545: England is at war. Henry VIII's invasion of France has gone badly wrong, and a massive French fleet is preparing to sail across the Channel.

England, 1546: King Henry VIII is slowly, painfully dying. His Protestant and Catholic councillors are engaged in a final and decisive power struggle; whoever wins will control the government of Henry's successor, eight-year-old Prince Edward.

The nominal king, Edward VI, is eleven years old. His uncle Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, rules as Protector. The extirpation of the old religion by radical Protestants is stirring discontent among the populace while the Protector’s prolonged war.

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