The Ugly Duckling and The Lion and the Mouse & The Donkey and the Lapdog Easy Readers 2 Books Collection Set

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Introducing timeless tales for young minds! "The Lion and the Mouse" & "The Donkey and the Lapdog" by Giles Sophie offer lessons in kindness and reciprocity. Joining them is "The Ugly Duckling," a classic tale of self-discovery and acceptance. Perfect for budding readers!

Titles In This Set:
The Lion and the Mouse & The Donkey and the Lapdog
The Ugly Duckling


The Lion and the Mouse & The Donkey and the Lapdog:

Moral and cautionary tales of a clever mouse, and of a foolish donkey.

Specially written and packed with colourful illustrations to engage the reader, this book has been specifically designed with large text in a simple font, to build reading confidence and ability.

The Ugly Duckling:

Cast out for being different, a little duckling tries to find his place in the world.

A classic tale filled with sorrow, wonder and delight.

With large, clear, simple text, this series is perfect for building reading skills and confidence.

Colourful illustrations by Val Biro fill each page, and each book includes notes for parents to help them to support and develop their child's reading skills.

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