The World of Dinosaur Roar Series Books 5-8 With World Book Day 5 Books Collection Set by Peter Curtis (Snap, Flap, Whack, Whizz & [Paperback] Dinosaur Roar and Friends World Book Day)

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FORMAT: Paperback

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Titles In This Set:
Dinosaur Roar and Friends: World Book Day [Paperback]
Dinosaur Snap! The Spinosaurus
Dinosaur Flap! The Oviraptor
Dinosaur Whack! The Stegosaurus
Dinosaur Whizz! The Coelophysis

Dinosaur Roar and Friends: World Book Day [Paperback]:

Meet Dinosaur Roar and all of his dinosaur friends as you turn the pages. Read the rhyming text, learn cool facts and find out how to say the dinosaur names. Search the pages for Dinosaur Squeak, and then turn to the back of the book to test your knowledge with a roar-some dinosaur quiz!

Dinosaur Snap! The Spinosaurus:
Dinosaur Snap is a big, bad, bossy giant. But, after trying to creep up on Dinosaur Whack, trying to terrify Dinosaur Flap and trying to eat little Dinosaur Squeak, Snap realizes that he can't use his spiky scariness to bully and bother the other dinosaurs, not when Dinosaur Roar is king.

Dinosaur Flap! The Oviraptor:
Poor Dinosaur Flap just can't settle down for a nap – she's always worrying about protecting her eggs. But with a little help from a friend, will she ever be able to relax? The Oviraptor is perfect for preschool children.

Dinosaur Whack! The Stegosaurus:
Dinosaur Whack is the clumsiest dinosaur around. She doesn't mean to cause trouble, but she just can't control her long, spiky tail. After accidentally knocking over Dinosaur Chew and bumping Dinosaur Boo, poor Whack finds herself all alone.

Dinosaur Whizz! The Coelophysis:
The quick-moving, quick-thinking Coelophysis, Dinosaur Whizz is the speediest of the dinosaurs. She loves to run and just can't stand still, much to the annoyance of the other dinosaurs. But when the mean Spinosaurus, Dinosaur Snap, tries to catch Whizz, she finds her quick running can be very useful indeed!

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