Thomas & Friends Puzzle Pal, Mr Tumble Puzzle Pal and Peppa's Mermaid Adventure Collection 3 Books Set

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The "Thomas & Friends Puzzle Pal," "Mr Tumble Puzzle Pal," and "Peppa's Mermaid Adventure" Collection offers young readers a diverse and engaging selection of interactive and imaginative experiences.

Titles in this Set:

Thomas & Friends Puzzle Pal
Mr Tumble Puzzle Pal 
Peppa's Mermaid


Thomas & Friends Puzzle Pal

Firstly, with "Thomas & Friends Puzzle Pal," children can engage in a hands-on, chunky jigsaw puzzle featuring their favourite characters from the beloved Thomas & Friends series. The large, easy-to-handle pieces are perfect for little hands, promoting fine motor skills and spatial awareness as they piece together scenes from the Island of Sodor.

Mr Tumble Puzzle Pal 
Mr Tumble Puzzle Pal" offers a vibrant and engaging puzzle game inspired by the popular character Mr Tumble from "Something Special." Created by Mr Tumble himself, this game presents a world of colourful challenges and interactive puzzles, providing entertainment while encouraging cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and creativity in children.

Peppa's Mermaid
Completing the collection is "Peppa's Mermaid Adventure" by Lauren Holowaty. In this enchanting children's book, readers join Peppa Pig on an exciting underwater journey where she discovers a magical world beneath the waves, meeting new friends and encountering playful sea creatures. The story not only captivates young imaginations but also imparts valuable lessons about friendship and bravery.

With this collection, children can enjoy a variety of learning experiences, from hands-on puzzle-solving with Thomas & Friends and Mr Tumble to the enchanting storytelling of Peppa's underwater adventure. This compilation promises hours of educational fun, making it an ideal addition to any young reader's collection.

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