Tom Palmer Conkers Series 6 Books Collection Set (Armistice Runner, D-Day Dog, After the War, Resist,Over the Line & Arctic Star)

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The Tom Palmer Conkers Series is a collection of six books that explore various historical and contemporary themes through engaging storytelling. Here's a brief summary of each book in the collection:

Titles in this Set

Armistice Runner,
D-Day Dog,
After the War
Over the Line 
Arctic Star


  1. Armistice Runner: "Armistice Runner" follows the story of Lily, a talented young fell runner, who discovers her great-grandfather's World War I diaries. As she delves into the past, she uncovers the challenges he faced as a front-line soldier. Lily's journey connects her with her family's history and helps her find the strength to overcome her own modern-day struggles.

  2. D-Day Dog: Set during World War II, "D-Day Dog" centers around Jack and his trusty dog, Finn. They are inseparable until Finn is recruited to serve alongside the D-Day soldiers, leaving Jack heartbroken. However, Jack knows the significance of Finn's mission and bravely faces the challenges that come with a war-torn world.

  3. After the War: "After the War" introduces the character of Emma, whose father returns from the Falklands War as a different person. Struggling to cope with her father's PTSD and the aftermath of the war, Emma attempts to unravel the mysteries of the past and heal the wounds that war has left behind.

  4. Resist: In "Resist," the story revolves around the friendship between Sam and Bohdan, two boys from different backgrounds in Nazi-occupied Jersey during World War II. As they get involved in the island's resistance movement, they must navigate dangerous situations and make difficult choices for the greater good.

  5. Over the Line: "Over the Line" focuses on the sport of football during World War I. Jack and his teammates must navigate the challenges of the war while trying to maintain the spirit of the game. Football becomes a symbol of hope and unity amidst the turmoil of conflict.

  6. Arctic Star: Set during the treacherous Arctic Convoys of World War II, "Arctic Star" follows the story of Harry, who joins the Merchant Navy as a young boy. He faces the harsh conditions of the Arctic seas and the constant threat of German U-boats. Through courage and determination, Harry must confront the dangers of war and find a way to survive.

Each book in the Tom Palmer Conkers Series offers young readers an exciting mix of historical facts, relatable characters, and thought-provoking themes, providing valuable insights into different periods of history while highlighting the enduring human spirit.

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