Usborne Beginners Animals Collection 10 Books Box Set (Bears, Dangerous Animals, Elephants, Farm Animals, Monkeys, Pandas, Penguins, Sharks, Tigers & Wolves)

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The Usborne Beginners Animals Collection is an engaging and educational 10-book box set that introduces young readers to a diverse array of fascinating creatures from around the world. Each book focuses on a specific group of animals, providing insightful and easy-to-understand information for children to explore.

Titles in this Set 

Dangerous Animals
Farm Animals


  1. "Bears": Journey into the world of bears and discover their different species, habitats, and behaviours, from the massive polar bears to the elusive pandas.

  2. "Dangerous Animals": Uncover the world's most fearsome creatures, exploring their survival strategies, hunting techniques, and the environments they call home.

  3. "Elephants": Delve into the lives of these gentle giants, learning about their intelligence, social structures, and the efforts to protect them in the wild.

  4. "Farm Animals": Get acquainted with the friendly inhabitants of farms, understanding their roles in agriculture and the ways they contribute to our daily lives.

  5. "Monkeys": Swing through the treetops with these playful primates, and learn about their fascinating behaviour's and the incredible diversity among monkey species.

  6. "Pandas": Enter the bamboo forests of China and encounter the lovable pandas, as you discover their unique lifestyle and the conservation efforts aimed at saving them.

  7. "Penguins": Dive into the icy world of penguins and explore how these flightless birds have adapted to thrive in the harsh environments of the Southern Hemisphere.

  8. "Sharks": Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure and encounter these majestic predators, learning about their remarkable anatomy and importance in marine ecosystems.

  9. "Tigers": Roam the jungles of Asia and come face-to-face with the majestic tigers, exploring their hunting prowess and the challenges they face in the wild.

  10. "Wolves": Venture into the untamed wilderness and discover the intriguing lives of wolves, including their pack dynamics and vital roles in maintaining ecological balance.

The Usborne Beginners Animals Collection provides vibrant illustrations, captivating facts, and accessible language, making it an excellent resource for young readers who have a keen interest in the animal kingdom. Whether for home or school, this set promises to entertain, educate, and inspire curiosity about the natural world and its marvellous inhabitants.

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