Val Wood Collection Series 1-5 Books Set (The Harbour Girl, Little Girl Lost..)

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ISBN: 9789123863488
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Val Wood

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Titles In This Set

The Harbour Girl
Little Girl Lost
The Doorstep Girls
Homecoming Girls
The Innkeeper's Daughter


The Harbour Girl
Jeannie spends her days watching the harbour girls and waiting for Ethan Wharton to come in on his father's fishing smack. Jeannie had always expected to marry the loyal and dependable Ethan.

Little Girl Lost
Margriet grew up as a lonely child in the old town of Hull. Her adored father often travelled by sea to the Netherlands, leaving her with an unaffectionate mother and only her imagination of a little Dutch girl, Annelise, to keep her company.
The Doorstep Girls
Can two friends find hope in hard times?Ruby and Grace have grown up in the poorest slums of Hull. Friends since early childhood, they have supported each other in bad times and good. But their families are bound together by more than friendship, and secrets from the past threaten to make their lives even more diff

Homecoming Girls
Hull, 1874. The beautiful, mysterious Jewel Newmarch, adopted as a baby, turns heads wherever she goes - her exotic looks point to her origins far away from the streets of Hull. Even at her cousin Elizabeth's wedding, she is the belle of the ball. But as she looks on at the happy, newly-married couple she feels a restlessness and intense longing to know her own roots.

The Innkeeper's Daughter
Holderness, 1846.For reliable, thirteen-year-old Bella, life isn’t turning out quite as she’d hoped. She lives at the Woodman Inn – an ancient hostelry run by her family in the Yorkshire countryside – surrounded by two older brothers who never pull their weight and a flighty younger sister.

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