Warriors Cats Dawn of The Clans Prequel Book 1-6 Series 5 Books Collection Set By Erin Hunter(The Sun Trail, Thunder Rising, The First Battle, The Blazing Star, A Forest Divided & Path of Stars)

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Enter the enthralling world of the Warriors Cats saga with the Dawn of The Clans Prequel Book 1-6 Series 5 Books Collection Set by Erin Hunter. Set in the dawn of the Clans, this captivating series offers readers a glimpse into the origins of the iconic warrior cats and the founding of their clans.

Titles in this Set:

The Sun Trail
Thunder Rising
The First Battle
The Blazing Star
A Forest Divided 
Path of Stars


In "The Sun Trail," readers are introduced to a brave young cat named Gray Wing, who embarks on a perilous journey in search of a new home for his clan. Along the way, he encounters danger, friendship, and the promise of a brighter future.

Continuing the saga in "Thunder Rising," Gray Wing and his companions face new challenges as they strive to establish their territory and defend it from rival clans. As tensions rise and alliances shift, Gray Wing must navigate the complexities of leadership and loyalty in order to ensure the survival of his kin.

In "The First Battle," the clans find themselves on the brink of war as tensions escalate and old rivalries reignite. As battle looms on the horizon, Gray Wing and his allies must band together to defend their home and protect their loved ones from the forces of darkness.

"The Blazing Star" sees the clans facing a new threat as a mysterious illness sweeps through their ranks, leaving death and destruction in its wake. As Gray Wing struggles to find a cure, he uncovers dark secrets and hidden dangers that threaten to tear the clans apart.

In "A Forest Divided," tensions reach a boiling point as the clans grapple with betrayal, loss, and the ever-present threat of danger. With the fate of their world hanging in the balance, Gray Wing and his companions must make difficult choices and face impossible odds in order to secure a future for their kin.

Finally, in "Path of Stars," the clans stand on the brink of a new era as they confront their greatest challenge yet. As alliances shift and loyalties are tested, Gray Wing and his descendants must rise to meet the challenges of a changing world and forge a path to a brighter tomorrow.

With its richly drawn characters, gripping plotlines, and epic battles, the Dawn of The Clans Prequel Book 1-6 Series 5 Books Collection Set is a must-read for fans of the Warriors Cats saga and anyone who loves tales of adventure, friendship, and the enduring power of hope. So, join Gray Wing and his descendants on their journey through the dawn of the clans and discover the magic of Erin Hunter's storytelling for yourself.

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