What Gardeners Grow: Bloom Gardener's Guide: 600 Plants Chosen By Bloom

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"What Gardeners Grow: Bloom Gardener's Guide: 600 Plants Chosen By Bloom" is your ultimate companion for creating a stunning and thriving garden. Curated by Bloom, the renowned gardening show, this comprehensive guide features 600 carefully selected plants chosen for their beauty, versatility, and performance in a variety of garden settings.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, "What Gardeners Grow" offers invaluable insights and practical advice to help you create a garden that dazzles year-round. From vibrant perennials to lush shrubs and exotic blooms, each plant is accompanied by detailed descriptions, cultivation tips, and stunning photography, making it easy to choose the perfect plants for your garden.

But "What Gardeners Grow" is more than just a plant directory—it's a source of inspiration and creativity for gardeners of all levels. With its engaging prose and beautiful imagery, this book invites readers to explore the endless possibilities of garden design and discover new favourites to incorporate into their own landscapes.

Whether you're seeking to create a tranquil retreat, a vibrant oasis of colour, or a wildlife-friendly haven, "What Gardeners Grow" has something for everyone. With its expertly curated selection of plants and practical advice from the experts at Bloom, this book is sure to become an indispensable resource for gardeners seeking to cultivate a garden that blooms with beauty and vitality.

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