Who Would Win 26 book Set Collection By Jerry Pallotta

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Scholastic SKU: LWP11006
ISBN: 9789124191986
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jerry Pallotta

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Titles in this Set:
 Falcon Vs. Hawk (Who Would Win?)
Hornet Vs. Wasp (Who Would Win?)
Triceratops Vs. Spinosaurus (Who Would Win?)
Ultimate Jungle Rumble (Who Would Win?, 19)
Green Ants Vs. Army Ants (Who Would Win?)
Hyena Vs. Honey Badger (Who Would Win?)
Whale vs. Giant Squid (Who Would Win?)
Ultimate Shark Rumble (Who Would Win?)
Wolverine Vs. Tasmanian Devil (Who Would Win?)
Lobster vs. Crab (Who Would Win?)
Polar Bear Vs. Grizzly Bear
Rhino vs. Hippo (Who Would Win?)
Jaguar vs. Skunk (Who Would Win?)
Hammerhead vs. Bull Shark
Ultimate Dinosaur Rumble (Who Would Win?)
Walrus Vs. Elephant Seal (Who Would Win?)
Tarantula Vs. Scorpion (Who Would Win?)
Ultimate Ocean Rumble (Who Would Win?)
Ultimate Reptile Rumble (Who Would Win?)
Alligator Vs. Python (Who Would Win?)
Lion vs. Tiger
Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark
Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Velociraptor
Rattlesnake Vs. Secretary Bird (Who Would Win?)
Ultimate Bug Rumble (Who Would Win?)
Komodo Dragon Vs. King Cobra

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