Winning at Weight Loss: Achieve your slimming goals, enjoy food and feel great again by Nik Speakman & Eva Speakman

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ISBN: 9781841883236
FORMAT: Paperback

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Nik and Eva Speakman have helped thousands of everyday people lose weight and improve their self-worth and body image.

Now it's your turn.

- Are you overeating?
- Do you feel hungry all of the time and helpless around food?
- Is your weight affecting your sleep or behaviour?
- Do you suffer from other health problems because of your weight?
- Do you feel stuck in a yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain?

WINNING AT WEIGHTLOSS will help release you from the emotional and physical issues around your body size and health.

Feel confident about yourself and in control of your eating habits with Nik and Eva's expert help!


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