Woodpecker Phonics Reader Level 2 Learning Key Phonics Sounds 12 books set

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Woodpecker SKU: LWP12376
ISBN: 9789124296810
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Woodpecker Books

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Welcome to the 'Learning Key Phonics Sounds' collection—12 engaging books designed to unlock the world of reading for early learners at Level 2. Dive into a vibrant journey of phonics instruction, where each book serves as a stepping stone for young readers to master essential sounds. With captivating stories and interactive learning, this set is crafted to make the first steps into literacy a joyful and educational adventure for children discovering the magic of language

Titles In This Set:

Choco Chipmunk Loves Chocolate
The Bear and the Blue Balloon
Thelma Moth Catches a Thief
Ronnie Rooster and the Moon
The Fox Family’s Fishing Trip
The Llama and the Lemonade
The Duckling Who Loved to Sing
Morrie Horse and the Storm
Stubb the Cub Finds a Buddy
Walter Walrus Makes a Wish
Gogo Grasshopper’s Great Adventure
Ollie Ostrich Learns to Hop.

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