World of Norm Series Books 1 - 12 Complete Collection Box Set By Jonathan Meres

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Orchard Books SKU: LWP10822
ISBN: 9781408368473
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jonathan Meres

£22.99 £83.88
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Titles in This Set:

1. May Contain Nuts
2. May Cause Irritation
3. May Produce Gas
4. May Require Batteries
5. May Be Contagious
6. May Need Rebooting
7. Must Be Washed Separately
8. May Contain Buts
9. May Still Be Charged
10. Includes Delivery
11. May Be Recycled
12. Must End Soon

For Norm, it's always one of those days... 
Whether he's accidentally running up the worlds biggest phone bill, trying to hide from the dreaded perfect cousins or trying to talk his way out of going vegetarian,
Norm's life is just SO unfair.

Join the world's unluckiest boy in this complete boxset of all twelve hilarious adventures!

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