Back to School - 2022

With the summer holidays nearing to an end, we have put together an amazing back to school collection to get the kids into the spirit of returning back to school and getting over the summer holiday blues! Let us know some activities you have been doing together over the holidays...

Below are just a few books from our back to school collection, click here to shop all. 

World of Norm Series Books 1 - 12 Complete Collection Box Set By Jonathan Meres

Titles in This Set:

1. May Contain Nuts
2. May Cause Irritation
3. May Produce Gas
4. May Require Batteries
5. May Be Contagious
6. May Need Rebooting
7. Must Be Washed Separately
8. May Contain Buts
9. May Still Be Charged
10. Includes Delivery
11. May Be Recycled
12. Must End Soon

For Norm, it's always one of those days... 
Whether he's accidentally running up the worlds biggest phone bill, trying to hide from the dreaded perfect cousins or trying to talk his way out of going vegetarian,
Norm's life is just SO unfair.

Join the world's unluckiest boy in this complete boxset of all twelve hilarious adventures!

Usborne Beginners Science Series Collection 10 Books Box Set

Titles in the Set
Earthquakes & Tsunamis
Sun Moon and Stars
Living in Space
Storms and Hurricanes
The Solar System
Your Body
Planet Earth

Usborne Reading Library Young Readers Collection 40 Books Box Set (Yellow)

Usborne young reading series one: For children beginning to read independently and Design

Usborne young readers in this series is already a primary book chapters; each book has chapters 5-8 Chapter range; there is also a book cover with a theme of several stories. Although already a chapter book; but each page will have beautiful illustrations. Series A for more than seven years of big boy; grade 2 or more; but personally feel that if completed high frequency vocabulary and natural spelling; children over 6 years old should be able to read. There are many familiar stories; such as the magician apprentice; three grumpy goat; the king's new clothes; and so on.

Usborne Young Reading Series Two: To be able to read fluently young readers and design

Usborne young readers in this series is already a primary book chapters; each book has chapters ranging chapters 5-8. Although already a chapter book; but still have many beautiful illustrations. Series II include Macbeth; eighty days around the world; The Wizard of Oz; Alice in Wonderland; Romeo and Juliet; Hamlet and other 15 world classics; children deserve to savor; very suitable for intensive reading.

Bond 11+ English 4 Books Set Ages 9-10 Inc Assessment and Tests Book 2

Titles in this set:
Bond 11+: English: Assessment Papers: 9-10 Years Book 2
Bond 11+: Maths: Assessment Papers: 9-10 Years Book 2
Bond 11+: Verbal Reasoning: Assessment Papers: 9-10 Years Book 2
Bond 11+: Non-Verbal Reasoning: Assessment Papers: 9-10 Years Book 2

Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 2 Read with Oxford: 4+: 16 Books Collection Set Pack

Titles in this set:
Such a Fuss
Dragon Danger
Floppy and the Bone
Poor Old Rabbit
The Backpack
The Sing Song
Quick! Quick!
The Moon Jet
The Raft Race
The Red Coat
The Spaceship
Wet Feet
I Can Trick a Tiger
Super Dad
These 16 stories have been carefully levelled to support you and your child as they develop early reading skills. 8 stories provide phonics-based reading practice, while your child's wider reading experience. All and humorous illustrations, as well as tips for reading together and fun activities.
Once you have enjoyed the stories in this collection, read on with the stage 3 collection.

Usborne My Reading Library Classics 30 Books Box Children Collection Set

Titles in this set:
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Romeo and Juliet
The Railway Children
Robin Hood
Alice in Wonderland
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Black Beauty
The Wind in the Willows
Treasure Island
Robinson Crusoe
Gulliver's Travels
The Secret Garden
Little Women
Don Quixote
War and Peace
White Fang
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde
The 39 Steps
Anne of green Gables
Pride & Prejudice
Oliver Twist
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Little Dorrit
A Tale of Two Cities
Les Miserables
30 books to help your child grow as a reader.
A broad range of classic stories, all in different genres, with lively, readable text and fully illustrated, encouraging children to find the classic stories they enjoy most, and also to try something different from time to time.
The first 13 books are taken from usborne Young Reading Series Two. These titles are for children who are reading more confidently. They contain a single story divided into chapters, with varied sentence lengths and more challenging vocabulary.
The next 17 books are taken from Usborne Young Reading Series Three. These titles are for full confident readers who still need to gain the stamina for standard length books. They use advanced sentence structure and vocabulary, and have more complex plots.

Harriet Muncaster Isadora Moon series 7 Books Set Collection, Goes camping

Titles In This Set:
Goes Camping
Goes On A School Trip
Goes To School
Goes To The Fair
Has A Birthday
Gets In Trouble
Goes To The Ballet

Usborne Beginners Nature 10 Books Set Collection (Ants, Bugs, Spiders, Trees)

Titles in this Set
Bees & Wasps
Caterpillars and Butterflies
How Flowers Grow
Tadpoles and Frogs

Usborne Beginners History 10 Books Collection Set (Romans, Vikings, Egyptians

Titles in this Set
Bees & Wasps
Caterpillars and Butterflies
How Flowers Grow
Tadpoles and Frogs